Some Know They Need to Emerge, Others DO What It Takes to EMERGE Into Their Epic Self 
Being Called to Emerge Into Your Brilliant and Successful 
Self Is the Greatest Achievement!
Your Life, Prosperity and Future Will Thank You!
A chance to ... FULLY and WHOLEY
Operate at Your Most Soul Aligned and Highest Level
Subject: The Best MasterMind Event All Year
From the desk of:  Sheevaun
Did you know that every day you are called to emerge out of your slumber and into your most aligned and prosperous self?

Are you the one who will step out from the noise and emerge into what you're here to do, share, innovate, invent, speak about, create or write about?

If you are one of the few whose soul is crying to get into alignment with the contribution, connection and collaboration that awaits then read on....
Did you know that you tell yourself something every day that keeps you from allowing prosperity?

Did you know that no no matter how much action you take, when you tell yourself this, you will end up doing what you want least?

This one thing you tell yourself every day is why you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works.

A seminar is not going to solve it.

The latest bells and whistles are not going to solve it.

Maybe you want a solution that your heart and soul feel aligned with and will get you consistent results, consistent ease.

If you want to know more, Click the Yellow Button.

                                 One connection, one strategy, the true north direction you're meant to be on... 
                                           in an instant can change not just your life but the course of history. 

Imagine if Jobs had never met Woziak, if Ben had never met Jerry or if Ray Croc had never met the Mc Donald brothers…

I love this quote…
 “We are all so much together, but we are all 
dying of loneliness.” - Albert Schweitzer
Connections in business, as in life make the magic happen… 

                       Connections create shortcuts and without them, business is hard and a very lonely place. 

So if your goal is to always be the "most curious and desirous person in the room," then this group just might be for you.

What Makes This Invitation So Strange?
When ordinary invitations are sent out, it's the desire of the host that all who receive the invitation accept it and are able to attend. 

Not so with this invitation.

The Emerge and Monetize program is NOT for everyone, and quite frankly to the grimace of my sales team, some who apply are not accepted. But if you are meant to be here and truly EMERGE and MONETIZE then let's get started.

However, if you do manage to get in, you'll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds in the world of business your friends, and if you understand that success in life is less about what you know or even WHO you know...and more about WHO KNOWS YOU...
 You Now Are Ready to Begin Creating 
The Life You Long For...
From Where You Want to Be Rather 
Than From Your Least Best Self?
The Emerge and Monetize has been designed to help you monetize while you're emerging into what you're here to do or emerging into the next phase of what you're already doing. It's a potent program to do more than just be the one talking about what could have been and to really turn things around...once and for all. 

Doing the inner and outer work to create a plan and strategy while achieving what you're actually here to do. Will will help you uncover your real bag of why's. 

The conscious aligned members include inventors, retail store owners, leaders, authors, coaches, scientists, business owners who are already making a dent and business start-ups. 

As a member, you are given priority to intimate coaching, mentoring, advisorship, connection with others who are in the same vibration and mindset as you. One element of this connection and collaboration ensures that your health is a priority and we will include tools and technologies that will most assuredly improve your vitality and health.

Life is short and this Emerge program was born out of a frustration of watching seekers fail at in other programs because those programs only focused on a tiny sliver of what's possible. 

Because most groups focus only on one aspect I believe that we are whole beings and when we integrate and learn in to bring all aspects together in one space our lives are more fully enhanced AND our next level is that much more easily achieved. 

Our motto is EASE and GRACE on the path to that next level. 

The Emerge and Monetize is for you:
 - if you have been stuck or plateaued, 
- if your current support mechanism is just not dishing details and actual real world techniques, 
- if you want to be collaborating and connecting with like minded upward succeeding leaders.
- want to be a champion of your life, impact, influence, income and energetics!

If energetics are not included in your life then you're going to struggle and shop around and around and around essentially taking the longest road to your genius, success and best life ever. 

Highly Curated, Connections and Collaboration...
Hi my name is Sheevaun Moran...I'm President and CEO of Energetic Solutions, Inc. and Energy Mastery, Inc. and I am host to the Epic Life Conference. More importantly, I am your guide for the Emerge and Monetize program.

My mission is to elevate you and help you achieve what you're here to do and share while ensuring you monetize it properly. The goal of all humanity is to achieve freedom and courage and purpose and that is my highest proposal for you. My first company was mowing lawns, which gave me freedom. Then I was as a computer programmer and was so introverted that I embarked on being in sales just to see if I could get out of my own way. I was hired as a controller for a small business at the tender age of 16. On the journey, I discovered that the unique skills of being a programmer to sales and marketing were paramount to the success of companies that were starting up. 

It became apparent to me that I had a unique gift that the blend of heart, soul, business and strategy were not being shared out there in the world. Add to that my unique spin on how energetics affects all success, mindset and life situation and it's the perfect formula for someone who is not the ordinary individual. Someone who has more awarenesses, skills in many areas, wants to contribute to life and the planet in unique and connective ways and wants to grow a business along that journey is the perfect person to come into your own Emergence while Monetizing with Ease. 

Apply Now
Get Going and Emerge TO Your Most Aligned Self
Join Emerge on Purpose...Victorious
"The Author of 12 Books"
_ Sheevaun Moran
From: Sheevaun Moran
Where: San Clement, California
Two Days Packed Full
November 2019
"The ONLY Mastermind Focusing on Business, Personal and Alignment for the ALIGNED Entrepreneur In the Country!"
You've often heard you are the average of those closest to you and that you should guard who you associate with, but there's an even more active way to level up your personal and professional life, and that's by joining a mastermind group. It is, in a way, a gift that keeps on giving because it thrives on the generosity of each individual member.

Imagine...instantly feeling like you've found your tribe and people who really GET you. 

The gatherings are designed for your highest potential and your most aligned actions. 

We host bi-monthly calls to keep the energy going and help you address anything that's coming up in between gatherings. All gatherings are held in a beautiful location that ensures quality environment and nourishing food. 

You get the strategy, personalized attention and the ability to work ON your business and YOURSELF. 

"One great idea executed is worth 1000 ordinary ones" 

What you will experience:

1.  Strategy

2.  Energetic solutions

3.  Collaboration

4.  Meditation

5.  Surprise excursion

6.  Joint Ventures

7.  Deep lasting relationship building

8.  Clarity processes, deep shifting group exercise, experiential activities, mindset and energetic shifts and more...

The Mastermind Program Includes:
- TWO (2) in-Person Intensives at an exquisite location (2 Days Each)
- THREE (3) Personal Deep Solution Calls with Sheevaun
- Private Facebook Collaboration/Connection Group
- Ignite Your Prosperity Lifetime Program
- ONE Mastermind Tune Up Call Per Month
- Customized Support with our coaches

Cool gifts and SWAG 
Resource Library
Live Coaching and Support
Secret Facebook Group
Ignite Your Prosperity Lifetime Access
Special Guest Faculty For Wealth and Marketing and Energy sessions
Events that make sense
Connections that make 
a difference for life.
Emerge and Monetize MasterMind
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