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ONE TIME OFFER (Just $57): If you are ready for a two hour bonus video where Sheevaun shared deep wisdom and you get to sit in on many people she coaches right in the room and feel like you're part of the process, you'll want this almost 3 hour In-Person Training that Sheevaun did with some of her students on tapping into the Energy of Money. You'll see them get specific guidance so you can quickly understand how to apply all of this into your own life.

"I LOVE this program it has helped me with my husband, who had a stroke recently, and the negative issues I have with my thoughts of my son. Not only this but my business in 2018 is bigger than it has ever been. Weird thing is I have more time, energy and patience all while my business grew. Muah and appreciate you Sheevaun."

- Sue Prescott

"As I was coming out of corporate I was so overwhelmed until I started working with Sheevaun. She IS the reason my business and life are so well tuned and aligned."

- Anne Deatly

"I made so many shifts from participating in this training. My life has turned around and the program is profoundly different and I listen every time I need a boost in my prosperity formula."

- Janice Solomon

"Sheevaun's work has helped me through so much of my work, growth, having a family and sanity, and accelerating my business."

- Heather Irvin
Ready for real...sustainable prosperity and overall ease in life? Then this series is it.

This 8 video training series profoundly shifts your mindset and life. You will be taken you step by step to create wealth, health and abundance in your life. Your prosperity will shine and you'll want to re listen every time you take a new leap. The Bonuses alone are worth the investment.
  • ​Disconnect from negativity and that pesky inner critic, and get prosperity to flow daily.
  • ​How to use ancient energetic practices the make you have more flow and ease when creating wealth, health, and prosperity. 
  • ​Profound steps to release the brake from where you're stuck. 
  • ​Have better relationships with self and others even heal them...end the ugly chatter 
  • ​Traction for your TRUE North and finally get moving in the direction you want! 
  • ​Gain the clarity needed to take the right next steps for what you're creating.
Here's What You'll Get: 
  • Module 1 - How Real and Lasting Wealth Is Accomplished
  • ​Module 2 - Getting Permission. Master the techniques to quiet your mind.
  •  'Module 3 - The Gratitude Template that Brought in Thousands of Dollars
  • ​Module 4 - Attracting the Right Clients for Exponential Prosperity
  • ​Module 5 - Gaining the Truth of Where Your Mojo Lies
  • ​Module 6 - The 7 Lies Between You and Success
  • ​Module 7 – How to Get Influence and Income Authentically
  • ​Module 8 - Do Less to Have More From the Inside Out
  •  BONUS: Rewrite Your Autobiography of Money ($200 value)
  • BONUS: Clutter No More Audio CD ($200 value)
  • BONUS:  Free Ticket to “Epic Life” Live Event. ($1,000 value)
  • BONUS: Companion Ticket to Epic Life Conference ($1,000 value)

"Since this program I've created a new business and have more prosperity than ever."

- Regina Hayes

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