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Shotgun Shopping Book 100% FREE!*
How to Materialize Anything You Want Through the Metaphor of Shopping

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Perfect for anyone who ha*tes to shop and never wants to compromise time or choice. 
Once you have learned to materialize anything you want through Shotgun Shopping you can move on to the Master Skill of magnetizing, manifesting, materializing love, prosperity, abundance, and radiant health.
  • Gain more time and money!
  • Never pay more than you desire
  • Use the success formula that got me an antique baby grand piano for only $1500
  • Discover how to collapse “time”, basically bend time to your favor, and materialize swiftly. 
  • Find out why the Shopping Gods need “space” (from you!) to 
  • Uncover why you can only manifest a parking space and not the big things you truly want. 
  • Turn the tides of more quality products at the price you want.
  • Uncover the principles of manifesting that only the most successful have access to until now.
  • Science-Based Formula Use to Help Thousands. Find Amazing Products, NO More negotiating, creating the vibrancy of manifesting your desires,
  • Acclaimed Author Jack Canfield says this is a must read and absolute must use for ease of manifesting FAST.” 
  • The Perfect Formula to Achieve Your Hearts' Desire in Record Time. 
Sheevaun Moran ~ Author
Sheevaun Moran is an expert at simplifying complex formula's so they actually work for everyone. 
Sheevaun studied human behaviour. Her wisdom was sought by many through the course of her life. She became a computer programmer by the age of 14 and realized that this was not her life’s purpose and so faced her greatest fear of all, sharing her knowledge. Through great loss Sheevaun opened to “anything is possible all you have to do is try” attitudes and has taught thousands to achieve mastery and a life of their dreams. She's created systems to propel you through to that longed for shore of success. 

Because everyone shops for something every day why not learn to place the right thought, clarity and real intention around each and every wish or desire, so you can achieve EXACTLY what you want? We are in a sad state of affairs because of our shopping issues and lack of attention to what we have bought. My book is about turning shopping carts on their sides and getting the world to pay attention in ways they've not really thought about before and learn to actually achieve their dreams and have more money in their pocket at the same time.

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What People Are Saying...
The metaphor used here in Sheevaun's book Shotgun Shopping is profoundly easy to use and remarkably fast in the results. 73% Of Customers Give It 5 Stars. See Their Videos & Comments Below...
"CRAZY, SIMPLE AND AMAZING! These principles and techniques Are AMAZING!!!!!"
"I learned that I have an innate ability to achieve greater things at a fraction of the energy, time and money.  It was a motorcycle that I wanted and quite expensive. Once I used the techniques I found my exact model and within the budget I set. Wow how astounding it all works again and again. Hmmm, my imagination is now my greatest ally!

Leila R.
"The Principles Are By Far The Very Best That I Have Had The Joy Of Using"
"I read this book and thought oh well things never work this way for my shopping and my life is already good.  I decided I wanted a very expensive pair of men's shoes that usually go for hundreds of dollars. The next week i was walking by a store that had these very shoes and paid an amazing $.25. It's so amazing that I could pay pennies for such luxury, without coupons or search and even brand new."
Mike H.
"Best Is Accurate! "
"I actually used this process to sell my home and find a new one at a much better price than I would have ever imagined. 

I'm now on an avid user of the the process for anything I truly want to bring into my life. Buy with confidence."
"I have a lighter step and healthier pocketbook"
"This book is full of stories about how I acquired:

A $30,000 baby grand piano for $1400

$600 pair of shoes for $69

A full house of furniture for amazing prices


The necessities of life!

Cheri in Utah
"My Life is So Organized and Prosperous...I LOVE How It Feels Walking in My Home Now"
"I don't mind saying that I'm 59 and I collected a lot of stuff. Stuff that once I read this book and applied the principles mostly seemed hollow --- until --- I took to heart all the profound teachings. The wisdom Sheevaun has brought into the pages through story and humor really stick with you. 

It's like I've taken a year long course and now actually use all the techniques in every day life to get the best of what I create. My bank account actually has more and my home has more quality and even more love in it. This book is the miracle that I'd been searching for.

Thank you...and my family loves all these changes!"
Anne in NY
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Title: Shotgun Shopping
Author: Sheevaun Moran
ISBN: 978-0-9819521-0-9
Genre: Self-Help 
Pages: 149

Reviewed By: Brian Knight

Official Premium Promotional Services Rating: 3 stars                

Are you a non-shopper? Author Sheevaun Moran is. Moran delivers a colloquial delivery of tongue and cheek techniques, displaying the truth—a self help book that will help determine your degree of shopping displeasure.   

“Shotgun Shopping” shines a light on how to materialize the wants and needs of people using shopping as a metaphor. “Shotgun Shopping” addresses buying in a practical light. Time management, being positive, and the importance of organization are all included in this guide to non-shopping. After reading “Shotgun Shopping” the reader will now be able to simply implement the learned techniques into their shopping routine.  

Moran’s list of what to do and how to do it is interesting and thought provoking and leaves lasting impressions. What is more interesting; however, is the list of what not to do and why you should not. Focusing on the reasons of ‘what not to do’, she pulls the reader into her interesting store experiences. Situations the reader can relate and will nod in affirmation. 

Growing up in a small U.S.A. town, Moran shares many purchasing techniques she developed while shopping with her mother whom Moran refers to as “the shopper of all shoppers.” Through “Shotgun Shopping”, Moran shows these life experiences and shares the solutions with her readers.  

In essence, “Shotgun Shopping” is not a ‘how to’ or your typical ‘self help’ book about shopping or being a shopaholic. This account of practical knowledge within this book is a statistical guide…directing the reader on all intellectual abilities. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, the reader will have a different perspective when they enter a store. They will now have a new appreciation for when, where and why they choose to purchase a certain item. Moran does an excellent job incorporating her own experiences to illustrate her shopping techniques. 

I recommend “Shotgun Shopping” for those who need motivation heading down the right path of life. “Shotgun Shopping” is an excellent reference that you can use during those times of stress, especially if shopping for that one particular item in the mall or a particular store.
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