Epic Life Innovate Summit
September 19-22, 2019
Newport Beach, CA
Innovation is the Key to All Success
Here's the Epic Key....
From: Sheevaun "Epic" Moran
Dear Beautiful Innovative Soul,
For each of the over 15 years I’ve been doing this type of work the exact theme of each of the clients has been a request for that “miracle” formula. They have asked me to help them "innovate", "get unstck", "move the needle", "create a new path", "eliminating your limits" solutions.

There is a profoundly different formula.  

But… The Challenge Lies in...Are you willing to do what it takes? 

Are you willing to take that leap, risk, and make the effort? 

 That’s the big question mark …
Do You Have a Big Vision For The Impact 
You Want To Create, But You Just Don’t Have 
THE Plan of Ease To Get There?

I recently had a conversation with a client who came to me wanting a miracle in her life around having a consistent income. She had had some amazing jobs but money kept evaporating and she kept being unfulfilled by the jobs after about a year. 

Our first task was to get her energy sorted out and for that she began her journey at our Epic Life Innovator Conference. This is where we got things sorted fast so we could get her pointed in the right direction. 
I don’t know if you can relate … 
but she was doing all the right things in the wrong order 
and wrong direction and that was leaving her frustrated. 
At the end of the third day at Epic Life Innovator Summit, she had a plan.
After Epic Life Summit...Her new reality, 

didn’t take long to continue to gain steam and then she took it home and implemented. Within a month she had an amazing offer with a new company. It was the perfect, temporary solution while we sorted out her health (she used to get sinus infections and sick every other month along with getting into big drama with family). 

The Epic Innovator Solution was the formula we gave her in the right order for the steps to take. As that portion of her income and working world sorted, she then received and accepted another offer (I helped her negotiate a salary that was double).

I don’t know if you have dipped your toes in but still
think you have to do it all on your own (most people think this). She 
did too until the revelation she had at Epic Life Summit. 
The big revelation she had…

she said she really wanted to have her own thriving company and tried lots of times but failed and just gave up thinking it would be too much. She had it in her mindset that she needed to stick with a “job” and just suck it up when deep in her heart she knew she had more to offer. 

I always say there’s a way and with the right Epic Life Innovator Solution (formula) … of course that’s never too much…

so long as ... you know the miracle formula to have both, keep your energy flowing, your health glowing and your new income going without ever losing a beat. 

So this amazing client, who we’ll say is Dee for privacy sake, currently has an epic job doing something she loves for an industry she deeply cares about. Dee even has a side hustle that is providing the same amount as her “job” with new clients coming every time she uses the energetic techniques we’ve taught her (and no it is not some manifesting thing). 

Dee has two teams that help her deliver her vision in the job and her business. She is able to fly first class, and has taken much more time off since the energetic solutions work we’ve done with her. Dee hasn’t been sick in two years and her doctor says that she doesn’t understand but told Dee to keep doing what she’s doing.

Dee's Latest Realization…

Now that the weight of the world is off Dee’s shoulders, because she has a stable and growing income, amazing boundaries and relationship with family, travel and health that she’s not had virtually all her life the weight is coming off as well. 

Dee thought it was too simple...

What Dee said to me just the other day is that at first the “energetic tools” I gave her were too simple. 

She thought they were just weird but used them anyway and when I gave her two new ones that day she laughed at her beginner self and said well these are also too simple but…I know they’d work because everything else you’ve given me has worked from the start. Why mess with a proven success formula. 

An energetic solution is a true miracle formula. It is not something that the brain needs to set straight and it is an inward, outward and fluid formula that helps all parts of a life get into flow and freedom. 

All other mentors and systems work from only one aspect. Maybe it’s the money, maybe it’s the health or weight, maybe it’s the relationship, maybe it’s spiritual but…

…the truth is that we live as a whole and until you use a formula that is specifically designed for the “whole” then you’re always going to feel mis-aligned and not whole. 

From the start of this work of helping others achieve 
their miracle I wanted success for others in ways 
that I didn’t see anyone out there doing or remedying.
Why This Work Is So Important For Me, Sheevaun, to Share…

It was the loss of my husband and nearly losing my own life that has brought all the pieces together. 

The pieces of a life are truly a set of miracle formulae that give the human the greatest chance of becoming who they are truly meant to become. 

It’s kinda like working to heal all parts simultaneously and without the collapse or recovery needed that all other systems are designed for. Western medicine is designed for waiting until the body is so sick that there is the obvious need for a solution and that’s when it takes the energy and body 100 times as long to achieve health. Coaching is waiting until there's an issue and therapy is nice but cannot and does not address the whole of YOUR vision or mission.

It's possible you feel like it's all been tried before...

Traditional coaching and or therapy is designed small parts of the life to be impacted positively and while that is good it is not enough of a shift for the soul and spirit to feel free and whole. Business building is designed for all consuming until collapse and while that gets the income and finances flowing it leaves the other parts wilting and drooping until there is a loud trauma of health or relationship loss that another area will require attention. 
Are any of these true?
  • You work much harder than you want to, and you still earn a lot less than you’re worth?
  •  You feel like you’re spinning your wheels because your business is in the same place that it was 12 months ago?
  •  You want to help a lot more people than you are now?
  •  You feel exhausted and frustrated by taking another step toward your dream or ideal – and don’t know how to “fix” it? 
  •  You are in chaos every time to try to focus and your plans that you could put into action and shift your business are not working to get you into a whole new level of income and freedom? 
  •  You know that with the right guidance, you could achieve great things?
If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these statements, 
then you’re in the right place and I invite you to join me for…

98 Early Tickets Left
What does it mean to have an Epic Innovator Shift for an Epic Life?
If you are a coach, consultant or another type of service-oriented business owner or on the brink of owning a business and who is serious and committed to your business, now is the time to create Big Shifts in your business:
  • Shift into to new levels of income
  • Shift into standing in your value and stepping into your greatness (rather than holding yourself small out of fear of what others might think)
  • Shift into breaking through the unconscious blocks that are in the way of your success
  •  Shift into inspiring others when you powerfully communicate your mission
  •  Shift into being 100% confident that you can deliver highly valuable results for your client
  •  Shift into being bigger than your fear
  •  Shift into serving more people than you ever thought possible
This Epic Lifer event is THE premier event of the year for highly driven entrepreneurs, small business owners, and experts who are ready to integrate their drive, heart, mission, and ideas to build a FEARLESS 6-7 Figure System. Within the three days, you will be guided through a real LIFE CHANGE and energetic ALIGNMENT! 

This shift can only occur when you're led expertly through the place where you're currently stuck so that you ARRIVE Ready and In Action. You'll Create a REAL Business, Integrate Health Shifts that have been eluding you, Align Your Money and Mission where Your Heart is, and Experience Ease with Every Step Afterward. It Will Be A REAL Life YOU are proud of. Get Ready to Be Inspired, to build long-term relationships, and to grow and prosper.
This event is your opportunity to live your passion and gifts, sashay through fears, end the cycle of overwhelm, and make giant leaps into higher income and greater impact – so you have more abundance, freedom, fun, and fulfillment in your life.

It is my signature copyrighted ENERGETIC SOLUTIONS(R) system.

This is what I’ve been screaming from the rooftops for over 15 years and that way is through and energetic solution. 

It IS a miracle formula that will sort through all the chaos and get to the core of what is creating pain, problem, drama and dies-ease (body, mind or spiritually). This is a formula that has been tested and proven through the successes of thousands of clients and even those who’ve become graduates. 

This is something you walk away with and will use for the rest of your life any time you get sucked into stuck, a rut, lack, worry, anxiety or stress about all the chaos and what steps to take next.

                    Be informed. Be inspired. Be imaginative. Be innovative. Be kind!

My energetic solutions formula is one where it doesn’t matter the issue the techniques work to achieve the result. And yes I get it that that sounds much too hard to believe but the testimonials are too compelling to ignore.

The next thing you do is click the button and get your seat...
Removing Boulders
I met Sheevaun at another conference and knew that she was the one to help me break through to the higher dollar income. She did just that and even helped my girlfriend get on track with her own business.

Jonathan, Las Vegas
I came to my first Epic conference in my PJ's, not kidding. I thought I had it all figured out but it was there that I took steps from about $1200 a month business to multiple six figures consistent income.
Amanda, San Diego
Sheevaun has a way of getting you out of your own way. She, in just a few minutes, unlocked something in me that has helped me make better choices in time, money and relationships.

Mike, Albuquerque
Just a few take aways:
7 Epic Shifts that will transform your business
Your "True Epic Shift" into the truest version of you
Imagine someone getting directly into your soul and its mission. Then shining a bright light on that with a plan and that's one giant piece you will never need to worry about again after attending the Epic Life conference.
Your "Epic Clarity Shift" in clarity and simplicity
With so much chaos and noise, it's no wonder you don't know where to begin, even if you've already begun. Sheevaun lays out a step by step plan for clarity and how to take that into your own life once you leave. 
Your "Epic Impact, Influence, Income" to a 6 and 7 figure income
A simple, focused plan for adding $100,000 or more to your business. We’ll show you how to create a “work less, make more” business model tailored to you – whether you’re starting out or wanting to go to 6-figures and beyond
Your "Epic Experience" to your authentic voice, vim and victory
Ever just want to know what to say around opportunities, prospects, ideal clients and yet you hesitate? 

Well, that will be resolved so that you have the right words for the right circumstances and they can simply pop out of your mouth as if you've been saying them with ease for years. 
I enjoyed my first Epic Life conference so much that my business and overall life improved so much. I'm the happy person that I knew was in there somewhere. One top of all that my business is rocking. 

Elizabeth, Malibu, CA
My first Epic was beyond my imagination of what's possible to shift at one single event. Everything has changed and I have such clarity and ease in my incredibly busy life.

Danielle, Detroit
I met Sheevaun when I was in major transitions. She taught me how to take what I have in my business and grow it with less time, energy and virtually no marketing dollars. Thank you and love your work. 

Heather, Orange County

continued...7 Big Shifts that will transform your world
Shift #5:
Your "Epic Energetic Shift" to successes galore
It's proven that energy is the single most important aspect of any interaction you have. When you walk into the room and spend three days with high vibrational techniques, that you'll learn, it's as if you have more time, energy and the roadmap.
Your "Epic Shift" to your awakening to the greatest you
A simple process to achieve awareness and access to your greatest self. There are parts to yourself that are lying deeply hidden behind the doors of your unconscious sabateaurs. We will ensure you're guided to an enlightened self. 
Your "Epic Shift" to a ending self sabotage
To end self sabotage I created a unique and ease filled process that allows your mind to get out of the chaos. While we're in the room I'll walk you through an amazingly collaborative experiential process. This will give you courage and a wonderful connection to something deep and resonant that your soul shines and you walk with freedom.
Your "Epic Conversion Shift" to your own elegant sales conversation
We will unlock that sales conversation that you have stored deep inside you so that no matter what circumstance you are embarking on you can get through it with exactly what is a win win win.
September 19-22, 2019
Newport Beach, CA
Some FAQ's...Because You Want to Know If You're a Fit
* If you made it to this site then know this...your soul answered the call to have someone guide you to your next and highest place that has been lurking in the dark edges of your mind and dreams. It's your turn and ...

Women and men who are achievement-oriented and want a better life; and they have a spirit of contribution. They've done some work on themselves and are ready for the real deal for shifting things fast. Both business and non-business owners benefit.

In short...YES. Sheevaun has a gift of being able to draw out the golden nuggets locked inside of you. She is helping you to realize your soul's potential. 

This is such a safe and perfect place and space for you to allow those seeds to get some food and water and strategies for next steps. 

Say YES to steps and techniques that are profound and known to create miracles.!

We have had lawyers, healers, coaches, authors, machine workers, hairstylists, artists, salespeople, insurance people, managers, nutritionists, bloggers, podcasters, tech folks, folks who've gotten out of the military, realtors, trainers, dancers, etc. Essentially all walks of life who are ready to experience energetic solutions and fulfill their life mission.

Epic Life Peak to Peak Success Summit IS a remarkable event and you forever and many remember AND return to year after year.

For all questions, please email us at energy@energeticsolutions.net....

So if any of these sound like you then you're in the right place...
  • You work much harder than you want to, and you still earn a lot less than you’re worth?
  •  You feel like you’re spinning your wheels because your business is in the same place that it was 12 months ago?
  •  You want to help a lot more people than you are now?
  •  You feel exhausted and frustrated by your business – and don’t know how to “fix” it? 
  •  You lack a clear focused plan that you could put into action and shift your business into a whole new level of income and freedom? 
  •  You know that with the right guidance, you could achieve great things in your business?
If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these statements, 

Welcome to Your Elegant, Premier Experience at ...

Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, Newport Beach, CA

Convenient to the Orange County airport. Steps from Fashion Island, a premier shopping center, the Newport coast, classy and best attractions and businesses in Newport Beach and Orange County, California, 

The Exclusive Hotel offers guests upscale lodging choices coupled with intimate and professional service. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, this hotel offers plenty of luxury hotel rooms and suites (bathtubs for those of you who know about our salt bath concept to have a more enhanced experience), with a host of amenities and services that will enhance your stay. Exclusive Hotel is freeway accessible to LA, SNA (Orange County airport is 20  mins away, with LAX about 40 minutes away.

We will have the healthiest of VIP experiences, the most comfy rooms and energetics that are unsurpassed in any conference setting. You will be served on all levels for your greatest shifts at this location and with the Epic Lifer Tribe!!!

Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa
900 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach CA 92660
Phone: (949) 640-4000
Here is the link to get a discount on your room booking. Hurry though, the discount ends September 5th!
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