Epic Life
9 Steps To Personal and Financial Freedom
Are you stuck in your business? 
Epic life energizes entrepreneurs to unleash growth in their businesses. Participants have seen incredible breakthroughs in their lives to unlock more revenue, more customers, and complete freedom in every aspect of their entrepreneurial journey. 

It's common to feel stuck, unsure, or lost as you begin your journey up the mountain of your business, relationships or personal growth. This is exactly why I organized the Epic Life Conference, to help you get from the base to the peak of the mountain. 

Epic life is a 3 day event for entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate their business. 

 "Epic Life has delivered beyond my wildest imaginations! I have to say, its done, I have already doubled my income and its only been 6 months."
What Participants Are Saying...
"Sheevaun definitely has the business aspect of this dialed in. The fact that she has a spiritual side dialed in as well is amazing. Just being here this weekend I've had some really great breakthroughs."

- Charlene 
Data Analyst
"Earlier this year I actually created a very specific list of qualities of a mentor who I wanted to call into my world and then soon enough June of 2016 comes around, I ended up in the room at Epic and looked up on stage and I'm like thats YOU! I've found you. And ever since then I've had such massive energetic and financial upgrades in my life and in my business I can't say enough about it!" 

- Crystal B 

Is Epic Life Right For Me?
This is for you if:
  •  You want to align your head, heart & business 

  •  Your heart is in your business but there's something amiss

  •  You keep finding yourself creating from desperation

  •  Sliding back into the problem

  •  Your prosperity around health, income, business, or just manifesting is out of whack

  •  Your mindset has gotten funky around your business
  •  You have the tools but not the structure to implement

  •  You want to align your head and heart and business

  •  You're done with the industry of rah-rah and want the real teachings

  •  You know that you're on the precipice of greatness and need a bit of an energetic boost that is custom to you

  •  Your energy is not communicating your authentic self so that you achieve the success you need

  •   Sales has become a dread
Achieving The Peak Requires
The Epic Lifer Event is designed for the highly driven entrepreneur who recognizes the blocks in their lives and is motivated to create breakthroughs & reach the peak of your business. Those who participate will will be guided through real life change and energetic alignment. Helping you create a fearless 6 - 7 figure business. 

The ascend to the peak can only occur when you're led by an expert through the blocks that you are facing with. Navigating up the summit so you can arrive with confidence, determination and certainty. Prepare to be inspired, transformed and build long lasting relationships. 

"Epic Life Conference has helped me put together the plan I need to take my business to the next level and make more money." 

You will walk away with a strategy, tactics and tools that you have used in the room. Experiencing the feelings, thoughts and transformations throughout this 3-day conference that you can take out to your business to reach beyond your goals. 

The impact and influence you will receive from the other participants will increase your energy and help you reach the next level. The environment that you will be learning in is specially crafted for everyone to link together and elevate each other. You will learn from others through conversation and experiences in this 3 day event. 
Led by Sheevaun Moran
Chief Energy Officer
Epic Life Peak to Peak Success Summit is the only conference created by award-winning entrepreneur-mentor Sheevaun Moran. It is 100% unlike any other breakthrough, business and lifestyle event in any industry for one simple reason: Sheevaun Moran is unlike any teacher out there.

After a successful career helping to build and sell ideas from a nugget to multi-millions and having offices in four states sharing ancient wisdom technology, Sheevaun witnessed the DEEP NEED to integrate real business-building principles with ancient philosophy to activate the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

Extreme clarity and focus are common takeaways for those who interact with Sheevaun and this one-of-a-kind three day event is no exception. In fact, once you sign up, don't be surprised if your journey starts to make sense in a way it never has before.
Amanda Renee
"I went from charging $250 an hour to signing 5 figure contracts."
One of my biggest takeaways from this event was that I had a tendency to stop at "good enough." I signed a new contract and it was more money than I never made so I thought I was good. Rather than keeping the momentum moving forward to what I really wanted which was a lot more than good enough.

Amanda has come to Epic Life two times now and because of the breakthroughs she's had. She has invested in Sheevaun's Ignite Your Prosperity program! Epic Life has helped Amanda has worked beyond her "good enough" block and earn more money in her business. 

Every energetic and elevated detail at 
Epic Life Success Peak to Peak Summit® Conference 
is carefully orchestrated to create an enlightening, energetic, engaging, and lasting shift in the environment for you to come and fully connect with your most amazing self and to connect with other successful entrepreneurs.
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"As soon as I met Sheevaun I knew I wanted to learn from her!"
After this 3 day event I totally understand how energy effects how we make money in our business. It goes beyond the basic will-power and it takes you into a another dimension of ways to attract money. 

She then takes the energy work and puts into actionable steps so that you can create the income that you desire. This is one of the best I've been to in many many years. 

Jonathan Santos
Epic Life Bankable Success Summit 
December 7th-10th 2017 
New Port, California